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Most automotive professionals agree that glycol based brake fluids, (DOT 3 brake fluid, DOT 4 brake fluid, DOT 5.1 brake fluid) should be flushed, or changed, every 1-2 years. Many manufacturers also require periodic fluid changes to ensure reliability and safety. A properly functioning brake system is a key to a safe driving experience, especially if you drive a big rig, like a semi truck. So, if you notice any signs of a problem with your brake system, don't ignore them and have your brakes inspected as soon as possible.

9150-00-281-2060 55 gal drum : SAE J1703 Brake Fluid, Automotive, Polyglycol Base: ... 6850-01-167-4788 Two Package B 55 gal drum : MIL-L-63460 Lubricant, Cleaner ...
Brake Hydraulic Hose (1210) Spark Plug Wire Set (453) HVAC Blower Motor (393) Brake Master Cylinder (382) Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder (347) Air Filter (344) Multi Purpose Seal (301) Parking Brake Cable (242) Fuel Filter (183) Carburetor Repair Kit (159) Engine Oil Filter (152) Wheel Seal (125) Brake Hydraulic Line (114) Wheel Weight (112 ...
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Axle Retainer plates – Strange engineering offers a variety of steel retainer plates to be used with drum and some disc brake applications. Housing end bolt patterns can be confirmed on the bottom of the axle order form.
FlexiRide Adjustable Torsion Half Axles FF-350 BE-4 with 5-4.5 inch bolt circle hub and drum with 10 inch electric brakes are fully assembled with hub/drums, electric backing plates, bearings and seals mounted. They are perfect for small trailers and trailers that need a low center of gravity at the center of the frame.
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  • Brake Line; Brake Parts. Bleeder Screws; Brake Shoe Parts; Disc Brake Parts; Misc Brake Parts; Drain Plugs and Accessories; Emission Harness Connectors; Exhaust/Muffler Clamps and Hangers; Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Assortments; Gladhands; Hole Plugs. Expansion Plugs; Locking Hole Plugs; Metal Plug Buttons; Plastic Plug Buttons; Recessed ...
  • Jiffy Lube brake repair includes: Replacement and installation of brake hardware, rotors, calipers, brake hoses, drums and master brake cylinders. Resurfacing of drums and rotors if necessary; Cleaning and adjusting drum brakes and parking brakes; Exchange of old contaminated brake fluid with new fluid and removal of air from the brake lines
  • Aug 09, 2020 · You can just use a regular ceramic based lubricant for the pads. Do not under any circumstance use a copper grease, as this can be detrimental and have a negative effect on the performance of your brakes. Although you can use the specific brake grease for everything, this is my personal preference of using ceramic lubricants for the pads themselves.
  • Mar 26, 2008 · There is some grease for your brakes that you get at an autoparts store. It's used to lubricate and prevent sqeeks. You put it on all the contact points, but NOT on the pad side of the shoe(the side that contacts the brake drum), it just goes on all the points where the shoe contacts any metal/parts on the drum braking system.This is the only lubrication for brakes i know of.

From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, our technicians know every part of your brake system inside and out and can perform brake repair on any make and model.

Our staff has many years of freewheel experience and we are ready to help you with your mechanical power transmission needs e.g. Morse Backstop, Conveyor Backstop, One way bearing, Overrunning Clutch, Formsprag Clutch, Sprag Clutch, Backstop Clutch. In fact, the current rear drum brake systems on today's cars would provide better stopping performance then the front disc setups of the '70s. And today's front disc brakes are truly exceptional ...
Two lubes are needed to properly lubricate caliper type brakes. Silicone is used on the slider pins and anything that touches rubber. A generous amount that completely coats the pin, hole wall and rubber expansion boot is needed. Be sure to coat the boot lips that fit in the grooves that hold them in place, this act as a sealant. Brake Fluid DOT 3 Brake Fluid DOT 3 is a excellent performance hydraulic brake fluid. It is use in automotive disc, drum and anti skid brake systems and clutch systems. Typical properties vary depending on the supplier of the fluid.

All Tool Style Positive Bits for Disc/Drum Lathes. Use on models: 747 Cutting Edges: 3 (6 by cross-indexing) 062-6 062-10 6 pk 10 pk 6914-6 6914-10 Most Popular - Ammco Style Negative Rake Bits for Disc/ Drum Lathes. Use on models: 1000, 1001, 3000, 4000, 4100, 7000, 7700. On-the-Car brake lathe models 700, 705 & 710. Drum Side on 3850 lathes.

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Aug 14, 2009 · A little dust in drum brakes is no problem. Any repair shop that says the brakes need cleaned is usualy a ripoff shop and shouldn't be trusted to perform any type of repairs. I'm a retired mechanic with 40 years in the trade and the only time a brake cleaning is justified is when a wheel seal or other part fails and allows grease or fluid to ...